Maple Lake Station - Swords

Maple Lake Station (Swords) was a flag stop along the Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway named after nearby Maple Lake. It had a small shed like station, several houses, a church and a general store with post office all built by Booth and his railway in the early 1890's. The hamlet prospered because of the rail line and within a generation had a school, a dozen houses, a blacksmith, and the Maple Lake Hotel which was run by original residents of the settlement, the Swords family. The hotel saw many American tourists wanting to experience the Canadian wilderness. In 1925 the town's name was changed to Swords, in honor of the family that contributed so much to the area. This also cleared up the confusion with another town with the same name as Maple Lake Station. By the 1930's the amount of trains and visitors through the area diminished dramatically, and the hotel shut it's doors. Most residents moved away after the train station closed in 1946. The rails were lifted in 1952 and the general store remained in operation until 1967.